3 Simple Games to Plan a Perfect Bridal Shower

Published: 04th January 2010
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So your girlfriend is getting married, or perhaps your sister and it is up to you to plan the Bridal shower. There are many options available and new and exciting ways other than the go out and get drunk with a stripper like the guys and some of the girls tend to do. These games especially for expecting brides are great for any party at any home or place where you can hold a small private gathering of friends and family of the bride.

You may find that some of the guests roll their eyes and make a groaning noise at the mention of games but you will find that with a range of games you will eventually have everyone laughing and having a great time. If you can throw in a starter glass of wine that will get them a little more relaxed as well and doesn't hurt!

- Give a peg to each person which they clip on to their shirt or dress, the best idea is to buy a bag of big pegs that are easy to see. Tell them that throughout the evening they are not allowed to say the words bride or wedding, or in the case of expectant brides add the word baby. Any person who utters the two or three key words gets the peg from the first person to spot that they said the word. Hint - the person who says you get my peg because you said wedding is exempt from having the peg returned - it pays to point this out at the beginning to stop any arguments. At the end of the night or within a couple of hours announce the peg counting time and give a small gift to the person with the most pegs - or the least pegs depending on your preference.

- As the person who has to devise the party plan you put together a list of 10-15 questions relating to the bride and the groom that are interesting and have guests wanting to know more. For each questions you need to write 3 or 4 multiple choice answers. Make sure that you include at least 2 or 3 incorrect answers to the questions as well as the correct answers. Then give each guest something to write on and with and read out the first question. All the guests then write down what they think is the correct of the multiple choice answers. Often they will ask questions of the bride about the questions themselves but they can only do this after they have written their answers. You can either give the answer to the question then or at the end of the questions you go through and advise the correct answers. The winner of course is the one who gets the most questions answered correctly and you can give them a small prize.

- Make up a small present such as a small keepsake or scented oil or similar and wrap it up in layer after layer of wrapping paper. Try to use as many different colors as you have and it is important to make the gift small otherwise you spend a fortune on wrapping paper. Pass the present around to music and when the music is stopped the person holding the present un-wraps a lawyer. You continue until the last layer is un-wrapped. If you have the memory and can plan this and remember the layers you could make it so that the bride won, but this is more difficult than it sounds. If you do plan this way perhaps you put in the box something funny that the bride may find useful on her wedding night!

There are some other nice things you can do to make the even special for the bride such as taking photographs of each guest when they arrive and then give them a card to fill out comments for the bride. When you have the photographs developed you can add the cards to the photos in a nice album and give them to the bride as a gift.

You can also ask all the guests to arrive with a particular flower that is the favorite of the bride and leave a vase near to the group and each person places their flower in to the vase and hopefully at the end of the evening you have a lovely vase full of beautiful flowers for the bride to be to enjoy over the following few days.

Whatever planning you make for the bride she will of course appreciate it but these hints for games and special and memorable ideas help to make your bridal shower a great success. Playing games while they do invoke the eye rolling of many generally lead to a great fun filled evening and make sure when everyone is leaving that you remind them that they seemed to enjoy the games. You should have some satisfaction after all for all your hard planning.

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