Drink Coconut Water For Your Health

Published: 15th June 2012
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If you are keen on exercise and do it as a regular daily activity then you also might be drinking sports drinks as a way to replace the minerals and electrolytes you sweat out. However, although these kinds of drinks may give you that initial burst of get-up-and-go they're not necessarily healthy for you, and there's the fact that they can be quite expensive to buy.

Generally it's enough to just drink lots of water when working out, but if exercising in a tropical climate or training for prolonged, intensive periods then you can lose a lot of water and salt because you sweat a lot more, in this case you should take something else to ensure your energy can be maintained and you don't become dehydrated. Dehydration can bring about feelings of queasiness, muscle cramps, or dizziness. Doing nothing about it can be very dangerous, lead to convulsions, and you may even faint.

Energy drinks are designed specifically for sports people to rapidly replenish the body's levels of electrolytes and carbohydrates and contain high levels of sugar, caffeine and sodium. Drinking something like this is all very well as they provide all the right ingredients, but at the end of the day they are artificially manufactured and there are healthier and natural options available that are much better for you, and a lot cheaper.

The alternative is to drink coconut water, people all over Asia, the Pacific and South America have known about coconut water and its goodness for centuries. The fruit of the coconut palm, it grows in abundance in these areas and costs next to nothing to buy there. 100% natural it's just as effective as any energy drink but has no fat or added sugar which makes it low in calories, and no cholesterol, instead it's full of vitamins and minerals and tastes really good sweet, smooth, and tasty.

It's also much more interesting than simply drinking water, which can be pretty boring on its own. Naturally isotonic it rehydrates at a much faster rate than water, has a great look and taste and there are no artificial colours or flavourings, preservatives, sugar or syrup, or fizz to fill you up. It's simply a natural and healthy alternative to the typical sports drinks you find on the supermarket shelves at inflated prices.

There are plenty of Coconut water health benefits, including the fact that it's so good for you because it's completely natural. As well as those stated above it also offers lots of natural nutrition with high levels of potassium which can help reduce water retention, muscle cramps and heart irregularities. There are also proteins, magnesium and calcium, fibre, sodium, phosphorus, Vitamin C and riboflavin, and antioxidants found in it, and as a natural diuretic it means anyone with kidney stones can benefit from drinking it.

And that's not all; coconut water can support muscle development, recuperation times, and blood circulation, and balance electrolytes essential for heart and neurological function, fluid balance and muscle function, along with many other things. People with weakened immune systems are advised to have healthy coconut drinks as they help strengthen it and fight against viruses, just to make that list a little bit longer it is known to improve circulation and clean the digestive tract, and claims are it's fantastic for your skin and will sort out the worst hangover!.

There isn't a better pure or more valuable supply, of isotonic hydration than coconut drinks. What else can you buy so cheaply and so full of goodness?

Go online and find out all you can about coconut water sports drink, there's plenty of information to read and then you can be sure that this is the energy drink for you.

Michiel Van Kets writes articles for Go Coco about Coconut water health benefits. Coconut water is the clear fluid found inside young coconuts, which are sterile until opened. The cavity of these ginormous green seeds hanging from tall swaying palm trees, is filled with coconut water, a liquid that has long been used by natives of palm producing countries as a medical and nutritional miracle worker. Go Coco offers the freshest, sweetest Coconut water, straight from its exclusive coconut ranges in Thailand. The water is taken straight from the sterile centre of young, green coconuts which have been grown in line with Fair Trade agreements that benefit the local economy. The Coconut drinks from Go Coco contains zero fat, no cholesterol, no added sugar, and it is in low calories. For Healthy coconut drinks, choose Go Coco. It is just a revitalising, sweet tasting drink that provides pure refreshment, naturally. Find out about Coconut water sports drink today.

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