Left Handed People is in Greater Risk at the Workplace

Published: 23rd December 2009
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When people realize you are left-handed they connect it with imagination and achievement. In America the amount of people who are left-handed is minimal, around 10%, but in the past 100 years nearly half of its presidents, and some of the world's greatest artists and intellectuals have favored their left hand.

Regardless of these encouraging signs, people who are left-handed are much more likely to experience an injury or accident from using power tools or operating large equipment. Scissors, computer mice, tin openers, and lots of other familiar implements can be a problem for left-handers, and in the same way, power tools and hand-operated machines often create challenges for them too.

It's quite easy for anyone to cut or stab themselves with a simple pair of scissors or a knife, so just imagine the danger involved by a power tool, an accident with such a powerful tool will be no simple cut. In an attempt to ensure tools are easier to operate, the industry has now come up with designs that enable you to grip the power tool to prevent it from slipping when in use, however, these are generally only made for right-handed people. If you are left-handed and try to use the same tool then it is much more difficult to control and this is where the risks lay.

With certain power tools, employees can fast and easily learn how to use them with their right hand, however as this is not their dominant hand it is a lot more difficult for them and can still pose a danger to them, even causing an accident if they should slip.

It is difficult enough to find somewhere you can buy left-handed utensils and tools, such as scissors and guitars, so for those trying to find a company that can provide them with power tools and large items of machinery they can use, this is a huge problem. Most companies don't cater for left-handed employees. Unless employers are left-handed themselves, they will probably be unaware of just how dangerous the workplace can be for left-handers, or are unwilling to spend extra money on tools only a few people will be able to use.

Left-handed people are put at much greater risk than a regular right-hander and this is proved by the higher number of injuries and accidents left-handed people have, some of them can be life-threatening. In recent year's, left-handed workers who have suffered an accident or are unable to work anymore because of an injury have sued their employers for negligence, and won. If you have been injured in an accident from having to operate right-handed tools and consider your employer or former employer responsible, then you may be eligible to damages.

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