Make an Entrance on Prom Night

Published: 30th November 2009
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In America and Canada a prom night is a very special occasion for any teenager, it is waited for with anticipation and a giddy excitement and represents the end of high school and the start of something new and exciting. So it is no surprise that teens all over America look forward to their prom with such emotion, and lots of preparation.

As all parents are aware daughters can be expensive, and a lot of preparation goes on before the night of the prom, and, let's face it, you are bound to be picking up the bill for everything! First there are the tickets to buy, hair to be styled, nails to be painted, the dress of course, and the transport to be arranged. All this can add up to hundreds of dollars so you had better start saving if you have a teenager waiting in the wings!

There are various ways to economize for a prom. You could always have a dress made up for the occasion, or design one yourself if you are skilled at the sewing machine. It's even possible to hire prom dresses these days, you could easily find the perfect designer dress at a discounted price. Take a look online for information on how to save money at the prom, there are lots of tips and information.

Consider having all your daughters' friends around to the house on the prom morning and booking a hairdresser to come to the house to style everyone's hair. You should be able to organize a group discount and save yourself time and money. If they are from a salon then they should be able to provide the beautician too who will gladly do all the extras, such as nails and even make-up.

If you really want to make your daughters prom night one to remember then consider hiring a classic or vintage car, even a Rolls Royce, for a really dramatic entrance. Hiring a luxury limo for the night to take her and her friends to the prom and pick them up again is a safe and reliable mode of travel. At least this way you can be sure they are safe and will be brought home after the event. Ask the parents of the other teens to split the cost with you, for peace of mind they are sure to be only too happy, especially if you are making all the arrangements.

Prom night should be an exciting time of dressing up, partying, and dancing all night. A limo can also be provided with a personal chauffeur who will ensure your child arrives legally and safely, and in style. The driver is used to ferrying excited passengers around on a daily basis and will be accomplished at keeping things under control whilst the passengers can concentrate on taking photos, retouching their make-up and partying.

Hiring a luxury limo doesn't have to be exclusive just to prom night of course. If she has a sweet 16th or 18th birthday just around the corner and you really want to spoil her and her friends, then this can be the perfect opportunity to show her how much she means to you.

Don't miss out on booking a unique car for that special evening, call today to reserve your luxury prom limousine. Turning up at an event in a classic car is a very elegant way to make an entrance, and although a limousine prom rental might a little expensive, when shared amongst everyone it will probably end up cheaper than everyone ordering taxis individually. And it will be a memory to be treasured Think of the photo opportunities, a classic car can provide the perfect backdrop to any prom night. Ensure you book early to reserve the car of your choice.

Michiel Van Kets provides article services for Asher Tobul, owner of Asher's Limo, LLC. A centrally located based luxury party limo bus and New Jersey limousine service that has been owned and operated by Esti and Asher in New Jersey since 1980. The company provides limousine prom rental and wedding limousine services. The inventory comprises of beautiful stretch eight to ten passenger limousines, Mega 14 passenger SUVs, a gorgeous Rolls Royce, and luxury NJ party buses.

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