Published: 22nd February 2010
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People all over the world who have had the opportunity to play shuffleboard have grown to love the game. Just about at every public park, beach, and family game center you can find a shuffleboard area with one or two shuffleboard game tables where people of all ages are enjoying themselves while engaged in a good game of shuffleboard. What other game allows people of all ages, and physical abilities to participate, use their skill, strategy, and competitiveness while having fun? It is no wonder that the popularity of this sport grew to amazing new heights, prompting manufacturers to develop smaller shuffleboard tables for personal home use.

If you are in the market for a shuffleboard table perhaps the question "What should you look for when you are in the market to purchase a shuffleboard table?" is coming to mind. The first thing to consider is that companies who manufacture shuffleboard tables offer two versions for retail, the recreational shuffleboard table, and the professional shuffleboard table.

Most people who are interested in purchasing a shuffleboard table are not going to opt in for the professional shuffleboard table, due to cost factors, but there are several models available for recreational use at a much lower price. The next question that may come to mind is: What should I look for when I am shopping for a recreational shuffleboard table?

The companies who manufacture shuffleboard tables do use various wood materials when making their shuffleboard tables, and these wood materials are: Poplar-42, Rubber Wood-56, China Birch-52, Russian Birch-62, Maple Wood, Soft Maple Wood-54, and Hard Maple Wood-72. The wood materials listed are in order of cost from the lowest to the highest cost, and the numbers listed represent the per meter specific gravity, which defines the hardness or density of the wood.

Shuffleboard tables that are relatively lower in price, are most likely manufactured with birch. Birch is the choice wood for lower cost tables with manufacturers due to the fact it is a soft wood, and that Birch protrays the look of Maple without the expense.

There is another difference to be informed about when it comes to the professional and recreation shuffleboard tables besides the cost and type of wood used, and that would be the finish. Professional shuffleboard tables have an polymer finish, whereas the recreational tables have a lacquer type finish.

In shopping for a recreational shuffleboard table, keep in mind that lower cost recreational tables are most likely laminate or veneer. Laminate is basically called a PVC plastic paper fused to particle board. Veneer is defined as solid wood that has been cut into very fine thin strips, which is then fused to the top of wood for a professional finish look.

When looking at shuffleboard tables, be it recreational or professional, there is one component you want to make sure is present and that would be the board adjustment climate adjusters. The board adjustment climate adjusters are vital t keep your shuffleboard table game play surface flat. Without this component on your table, your table can warp over time, and the expense to repair could be costly.

Also when choosing a shuffleboard table, when it comes to the cabinet, you will find two versions: Solid wood and laminate. Lower cost recreational shuffleboard cabinets are most likely going to have a laminate or hardwood veneer. Solid wood cabinets are generally found on professional shuffleboard tables.

Since the shuffleboard table is the major game play area, it is important to keep in mind the cost, materials, and quality of workmanship. Also keep in mind that while owning a shuffleboard table is great fun for the entire family, your home version shuffleboard table will require maintenance. It is recommended that you apply a silicone spray to your shuffleboard before

Michiel Van Kets writes articles for, an online provider of shuffleboard tables, explore a range of indoor and outdoor shuffleboard models from the Woodbridge, Greenwich and Coventry series. Invest in a shuffleboard table for many hours of fun, play games such as Knock Off, Horse collar and Crazy Eight; the game can be played in teams or a single player against another.

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